About Amsltech

Amsltech unites students, with professionals and independents producers and artists with local stations. Ahmir Media has built several different working production teams. While keeping these standards high, we continue to create a gross margin to cover expenses. Amsltech provides a personal service and guidance system to artists and producers. We also provide professional services, affordable advertising and programming opportunities for local artists and businesses.


About Us

Ahmir Media Services, Lifestyles & Technologies


Web Services

While Amsltech, LLC. operates as a web services, media production and development company. We sell creative intellectual properties, stories of personal interest, opportunities and trust. Our primary focus is in web services such as domains, hosting servers, web builders and email. We also develop web and mobile applications.


Amsltech, LLC. was founded in 2004  and was originally a virtual land holdings company. The companies holdings started in a popular simulator game called Second Life. By 2006 the team was developing solutions for virtual living and multimedia. Amsltech was originally called Ahmir Media Simulated Lifestyles & Technology.

In 2009 the team began to focus on real world solutions for performing and visual artists. After working with several independent production companies the team decided on a name change. Our services team has developed web solutions in Flash, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, HTML, Javascript and Java. Today Amsltech, LLC remains a services company, and we continue to serve both virtual and real world communities.

Media Production

The media production division creates; video & photography, produces music, creates motion graphics, designs and develops websites and applications, and we develop and produce performing artists. The division also sells productions and production services.

Merchandising and Licensing

The merchandising and licensing division maintains an open mind to new video projects, so the client understands that their goal is our objective. While we will suggest alternatives and bring our experience to the table, we hold the client’s goal as the primary target.


We understand the frustrations and desires of the independent artist and producer, the advertising need of the local businesses and the viewers demand for a variety of quality content. Amsltech makes professional experience accessible, to independent artists, individuals and businesses in local Los Angeles area.